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Unlock the Charm with Alpine Shutter Craft’s Plantation Shutters For French Doors!

Plantation shutters are the best way to enhance the charm and aesthetics of your house, featuring durable wood shutters for an elegant finish. With our interior plantation shutters for French doors, experience timeless elegance with customizable comfort, providing unparalleled versatility. The ease of customizable French door shutters allows our valued customers to control the amount of light they want without compromising privacy. Ditch the old hangings on the doors and say “oui” to plantation shutters for your French doors with Alpine Shutter Crafts and transform your space with style and substance.

The Art of Plantation Shutters for French Doors

Custom Fit

Our French door plantation shutters are precisely crafted to fit every dimension of the door, ensuring a seamless fit, unlike the traditional blind. We prefer customization that not only offers unmatched looks but also enhances functionality, integrating design elements like solid wood shutters and unique door handles for a comprehensive approach. Our attention to even minute details ensures every aspect of your French door is covered and complimented, including matching door handles for a cohesive look. With our deep commitment to undying craftsmanship, our plantation shutter on French doors not only promises beauty but also functionality, including easy-to-use handles for hassle-free operation.

Choice Of Framing Style

The style of framing can make or break the look and feel of your indoor space. But don’t worry we got your back with our comprehensive range of interior shutters designed to meet your specific needs. Choose from the famous outside and inside mounts available with us at Alpine Shutter Crafts, offering a wide variety of design choices including solid wood and glass options. We consider the mount type of your home by measuring several factors like the size of the window, desired aesthetic, and functionality when deciding between the two.

Louvers Size

With our extensive selection of louver sizes, which include 2 ½”, 3 ½”, 4 ½”, and 5 ½”. Your shutter may be tailored to meet your specific demands and specifications for window treatment, including the choice of wood shutters or glass detailing for a personalized touch. With our interior plantation shutters for French doors, we have you covered whether you want a long or short louver.

Explore your option of interior shutters today and elevate your home’s aesthetics with our range of design options!

Why Alpine Shutter Crafts Plantation Shutters For French Doors?

Light Control

Light Control

At AlpineShutter Crafts, our plantation shutters for French doors offer paramount control over the amount of light you want, thanks to features like adjustable tilt for the louvers. With the ease of adjustable louvers, our valued customers can create the perfect ambiance and desired light they want effortlessly. Whether you want a brightly lit room or a cozy dim atmosphere all at your fingertips, our shutters’ tilt mechanism allows for perfect light control. Experience the convenience and versatility of our plantation shutters for a personalized lighting solution.

Light Control


The most compromised thing with the shutter is privacy! But no more with Alpine Shutter Craft’s interior plantation shutters for French doors. With our adjustable louvers, you can easily block unwanted views, while still allowing natural light, and precisely control the shade inside your room. Unlike traditional curtains or blinds, these plantation shutters don’t leave a gap, ensuring total shade and privacy when closed. Say goodbye to compromise between light and privacy – our plantation shutters have you covered.

Light Control


With the classic appeal of our plantation shutter, you can rest assured of having a seamless interior style, enhancing both charm and aesthetics. Our experts work hard to match the real with the sample color of wood shutters, leaving no stone unturned to ensure satisfaction. Blend textures and materials harmoniously, ensuring shutters become a focal point that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal effortlessly.

Ready to transform your house’s indoor appeal with stylish interior shutters?

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